Road trip from LA to Las Vegas some National Parks (Zion, Bryce Canyon, Slot Canyon, Horseshoe Canyon, Monument Valley), Lake Havasu, San Diego and back to LA

Posted by Nico
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Stop # 1

Starting point. Bascially just one full day which we will most likely spend in Santa Monica.
Gold's Gym
The temple of all gyms

You‘re interested in lifting weights? then you should hit up gold‘s gym! the place where Arnold Schwarzenegger trained for years. you can even see some athletes from today there. 40$ for one day of training is a bit expensive tho!

Stop # 2

Gambling and a bit of outlet shopping!

Stop # 3

Just a day to explore Zion national park!

Stop # 4

Just a day to explore Bryce Canyon!

Stop # 5

Just a day to explore Slot Canyon!