Short trip to Fehmarn

Created: June 01, 2018


2018-05-31 - 2018-06-03 | 3 day(s)

Grabbing a tent and off to Fehmarn. The Island in the Baltic Sea is easy to reach and a nice place to stay for a spontaneous weekend / short trip.

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There are many camping places which offer discounts for ADAC Campcard or ACSI users.

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Camping on Fehmarn

Fehmarn is Germany’s third largest island. It‘s a hot spot for wind surfers and a gateway to Sweden and Denmark. Fehmarn offers a lot of camping places, this is definitely the best way to explore the beauty of this island!

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Burg auf Fehmarn
Historic Old Town of Burg

Burg is probably the most famous town on Fehmarn. It’s old town offers a lot of restaurants and cafes to enjoy local sea food and the vibes of this place. Because of it’s central location, Burg is easily to reach by foot/hiking or bike.

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A day at the beach

The south beach of Fehmarn is the best choice, if you want to relax on a sandy and beautiful beach. By renting a beach chair, you can stay easily for hours without getting a sunstroke. And there is also a dog area on the beach, where dogs can enjoy this beauty too.