Short Trip in North East China

Created: April 03, 2018


2016-01-31 - 2016-02-08 | 8 day(s)

Qufu - Home of Confucius Beijing - Visiting old memories Harbin - Probably the sole reason for my trip: the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival - one of the most beautiful (and cold) places I've ever been!

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Stop # 1

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The main sight is the Confucius temple, mansion and cemetery. All 3 can be done in a day if you start early. Very much a smalltown compared to BJ, SH

Qufu, Jining  (CN)
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Confucius Temple

Tickets are 130 Yuan and include Confucius Temple, Mansion and Cemetery. Qufu is the birthplace of Confucius and therefore a very good place to learn about Chinese history and culture. Moreover, the Confucius temple is one of the three largest ancient architectural complexes in China. Getting around is pretty easy, since Qufu is very much a smalltown compared to Beijing or Shanghai. Pros: It's dirt cheap. Cons: Most people don't speak English.

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Stop # 2

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Hands down my favourite city in all of China! Stayed at Sunrise Hostel which is right in the hutongs aka. historic center.

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Jingshan Park

If you visit the Forbidden City, you also must visit Jingshan-Park! It's a small hill just north of the Forbidden City and from the top you have a marvelous view over the Forbidden City and whole Beijing!

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The Palace Museum
Forbidden City

It's just ginormous, but a must-see! Be sure to come early or in winter because it can get really crowded. Tickets are really cheap.

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Lucky Street
Cafe Konstanz

South German bakery, in case you crave a pretzel. Bit expensive but really good, especially if you only had rice for weeks.

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Mutianyu Great Wall
Great Wall at Mutianyu

One of the three main places to walk on the Great Walll near Beijing. Nice & quiet in winter, but you need sturdy footwear. Most hostels will organise trips to the Great Wall. Plan a whole day.

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Beijing 798 Art Zone
798 Art District

Art galleries in an old mility factory. Cool vibe but pretty commercialized. Probably more cafes and small shops than art galleries, but there are still some gems.

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Beihai Park

Really nice park to relax on a sunny day with beautiful pagoda in the middle. You need a ticket to get in but it's cheap.

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Stop # 3

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Temperatures up to -30°C but absolutely worth it! Also check out the frost fair on the frozen river that runs through the city center.

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Harbin Ice & Snow World
Harbin Snow & Ice Festival

Student tickets are 160 Yuan (2016). A must-see if you're in China during winter time, increadibly beautiful! But beware, temperature can drop down to -30°C or lower, so dress accordingly! Not only is there the city made of ice, but you can also go ice skating and skiing. There are also a couple of reindeer-sleds led by guys dressed as Santa - very amusing.