Mallorca - Ballermann

Created: June 20, 2018


2018-06-27 - 2018-07-02 | 5 day(s)

The Ballermann district of the island Mallorca is basically owned by Germans. Guess it is a must do once in a lifetime if your are German.

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5 Days at Ballermann is probably too long for a liver to survive but definitely worth it if you are searching a party location around Palma.

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Megapark Mallorca

One of three major clubs along the Ballermann area. Lots of Germans and therefore also german music. Awesome place to party. it‘s right at the sea side so perfect to get some drinks and then jump into the ocean. obviously no dress code.

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Carretera de l'Arenal
El Arenal - Ballermann

The El Arenal area had kind of a bad reputation due to all the binge drinking Germans there. The area itself including the long sandy beach is just beautiful though. you can enjoy beautiful sundowns, awesome food and good company!