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Created: February 27, 2020


Zurich is considered one of the most modern and safest cities in the world. The history of the city, the exploration of the different quarters and the surrounding area offer tourists a program for several days. But for short visits there are also some must see's that give you a nice picture of the city. Within half a day you will get an impression why this city is loved by so many tourists and maybe awakes the wish to come back again for a longer visit.

Round Trip

A good start for a short round trip is the Paradeplatz, which is centrally located and can be easily reached by tram. Starting from the Paradeplatz it is recommended to walk in the direction of the Fraumünster and the Grossmünster. Through beautiful old alleys you can walk through the Münstergasse heading in the direction of the Niederdorf.

Once in the Niederdorf, you can make a short detour to the ETH Terrace. This can be reached easily with the UBS Polybahn within 2 minutes (via tram). The ride is included in the normal tram ticket for the central tram zone 110. Even if the train ride is short, it is still a big highlight. Alternatively you can walk to the terrace within 5-10 minutes. From the ETH Terrace you have another beautiful view over the city and Lake Zurich.

Starting from the Niederdorf or the ETH Terrace, the Lindenhof is a good next stop. It offers a change of perspective and therefore a great view from the other side of the river (Limmat). After a short rest at the Lindenhof, you can reach the last destination of the round trip within 12 minutes by foot: the Ganymed sculpture at Bürkliplatz. Situated directly on Lake Zurich, it offers a fantastic view of the Alps.

This short roundtrip is quite common and some of the stops are part of every free walking tour. If you have time, try to extend the trip by visiting the sights located close to the trip.

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