Lindau at Lake Constance

Created: February 22, 2020


Lindau is a small city in Germany, more precisely in Bavaria. The highlight of the city is the island in the Lake Constance, which is one of the biggest lakes in Germany.

Lindau is surely not the biggest city, but anyway you can discover many things. For example the small alleys and the historic city center. Just take a seat in an old coffeehouse in the city center or visit one of the restaurants at the promenade.

If you‘re searching for a nice stay in Lindau, I would recommend you the Hotel Seereich. It is really clean, modern and has plenty of parking spots. As well you only need like 5 minutes into the center of the island of Lindau.

Furthermore you can discover Bregenz, a small town in Austria. It is just a quarter away from Lindau, so you can also go there spontaneously.

But if you‘re there, make sure you visit the restaurant Kornmesser. The food tastes awesome and they serve a variety of meat.

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