Lake Havasu - A hidden gem

Created: February 16, 2020


You probably haven't heard of Lake Havasu yet, right? I wasn't aware of it before April 2019 neither. For one weekend in late April it should be definitely on your map though! That is when the Desert Storm Poker Run and Shootout takes place. Apparently one of the top five speed boat races in the nation. It is insane how many people take their boats there, which by the way cost millions, to compete in a race.

No doubt, if you visit Lake Havasu anytime outside of the poker run weekend, where there is nothing going on, you probably wouldn't return.Though if you stay there for that specific time, you will fall in love with it.There are so many people around, the atmosphere is great and there are parties

everywhere. We arrived not knowing what was going on and to be honest, we were first confused when we booked our accommodation because it was a bit pricey. When we got there, it seemed like this is an insane party town. Weather was great, people were awesome, it couldn't have been better. When the race weekend was over the town was dead though. Clubs/Bars were empty, the waterfront wasn't busy at all, it felt like a totally different town. It was crazy to see how one weekend can change the impression of a place that much.

Speaking about the weather, you should be careful planning a trip there in the summer. It can get up to 45 degrees where you basically can’t do anything outside. They have some nice public pools to chill at but let’s be honest, 45 degrees in the sun lets you burn like a roasted chicken.

Fun fact, Lake Havasu has a bridge crossing town with the original cladding from the London Bridge (Great Britain) in Town built in 1831!

In my opinion, if you are on a trip close to Lake Havasu and you have some time left to spend, go there. Enjoy good weather, relax, grab some drinks. If it is the race weekend it is a must, obviously. Otherwise it is not worth it to plan a specific trip there.