Glotting Update 4.0.

Created: April 30, 2020


We are pleased to announce that we deployed a new update which will include some improvements on existing functions as the launch of some new ones.

  • Notification center: from now on you will get notifications by mail and web-push for the following events.

Comments, Followers, Likes, Memberships, Ratings

You can define by your own for which one you want to receive mail notifications or web-push.

To change your settings go to "notifications".

  • Like and rate-buttons: we modified both to make it easier for you to interact with each other

  • Trip and Local Activity suggestions: Your feed will show you suggestions for any upcoming trip and local activity in a radius of 50 kilometre based on your current user location. This will make it easier for you to connect with other people around you during your travels or to find upcoming trips to travel together. It will first show you suggestions within your radius, then within your country and then from the world. Check out your feed to see if you have any suggestions near to you.

  • Tool-Tips: you will find several tool-tips which are shown as a blue information icon. Those will briefly explain some of the functions for you.

  • Trip Stop expand: As some of the trips get longer we decided to change the view of all created trip stops. If you want to see the added Glotts to each stop you need to "expand story details" from now on.

  • Bug fixes: to improve performance.

We hope you enjoy the new update.

Feel free to let us know your feedback or suggestions in the comments below!



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