Glotting Update

Created: February 15, 2020


It is time for something new!

We gathered a lot of ideas, since we launched our website Glotting. Some improvements to the functions to make globetrotting easier for you. Some changes to the design to make the interface more appealing. But overall, ideas to provide our Glotters the best experience using Glotting. It took us some time and lots of work but today we can proudly present you our first update!

What is new?

You are now able to share stories! Describe, explain or inform others about anything you think is useful for them to know traveling to a destination you visited already. Or you might just use it as your personal travel diary.

An updated Design for our main page. The idea is to provide more information without losing any value for our users. It is now easier for you to find all new postings (Trips, Glotts, Local Activites) on one page in a coherent design.

An updated Design for our country page. You were always interested travelling to a specific country? With the updated country page, you can find top places, trips and stories for each country. Or you might want to get some insights from a native Glotter? Feel free to start a conversation on each country page you want to travel to.

Finally, we want to say thank you for all the support we received so far from all Glotters. And the best way to say thank you is to give away some useful travel goodies. Check out our website the upcoming days/weeks for some raffles!

Keep glotting!

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