Exploring the great Black Forest in Germany ?? Glottertal is a small village next to Freiburg. You can enjoy an amazing view on almost every mountain ?

Budapest is just magical. I stayed in a boat hotel on the river. Which was great. Easy to walk, get the tram and buses around the city. I did a riverboat cruise along with the natural spas It’s a great city to visit with such history. October 2018

. Rio gives you the opportunity to explore the vast colours, sounds, smells and cultures. I did carnival and I went to JC and the Botafogo sugar loaf mountains. AMAZING

Who does feel like going here despite a windy winter afternoon? This is one of our eye catching hidden treasure from Carey Park on an afternoon stroll! We reached before the birdies bid farewell and flew off for a new destination?

As an absolute highlight of Lisbon and world cultural heritage, the Tower of Belém attracts the masses. It is beautifully situated by the sea and invites you to linger.

The vintage streetcars are one of Lisbon‘s most famous attractions. Taking a ride and getting around is like a journey into old times. It‘s loud, bumpy and crowed, but so lovely and nostalgic.

The perks of a good weather is that we love to explore via foot and thats how we found this royal plaque. We almost stepped in but noticed some one dropped their Captain America shield on ground ? Well! It wasnt any captain shield but a beautiful plaque in the Kensington Garden. Do you know if you follow these plaque, you’re gonna complete a 7 mile Princess Diana Memorial walk through a number of Royal parks?! ?

what amazed us through the evening stroll of Glasgow is this long stretched street art in every corner. They looked real, had humanity and a hidden story of the charming city! What absolutely we believed for this city is “People Make Glasgow”

We waited till the sun sink, but weren’t lucky enough to get a train passing over the glenfinnan viaduct. Nevertheless we are thankful of the view, the weather and the beauty! Oh btw if you dont know, this is also known as "The Harry Potter Bridge" and it appeared in four of the Harry Potter movies.

If ever wonder why fairy tales begins with “Once upon a time”, Ireland probably could be the reason. This castle country will tell you the stories how life is in the medieval period in every countryside you travel to. Time is indeed a great story teller!

While most places are already covered in snow, there are still places having hard time saying good bye yet to fall. This picture here was taken this week from Newtonmore, Scotland which looks stunning to us. Would you love to enjoy this weather? If so head towards Scotland late fall and have some amazing views from nature!