One of the most impressive sights besides the surrounding mountains. A hike in the Höllentalklamm is a big adventure, but you should prepare yourself with the right equipment. A rain coat and hiking shoes are a must! With this equipment you will see why this sight was part of many movies.

Garmisch offers plenty of hiking trails to explore the beauty of the Alps and the Bavarian history. A good place to get familiar with this landscape is a hike on the Philosophenweg. You‘ll get a good view on Garmisch and the Zugspitze - the highest mountain of Germany.

This is the beach near my home city of Norwich. The UK coast line is stunning and I’m so glad I live close by to marvel in it. I love the fact I can come to the beach, whilst the weather is cooler, it still offers some stunning views.

The monastries of Meteora are UNESCO world heritage and placed on a massive rock formation. Because of their heights and positions on the rocks, the monastries are often called the floating monastries.

Olympia, the place where the Olympic Games were held for the first time and where the torch is still inflamed today.

The temple of Appollo is commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi. Situated in a beautiful landscape, this place offers a wide variety of histories and spiritual vibes - it is no coincidene that this place was considered the center of the world in the classical Hellenes era.

The mosque Koutoubia is the biggest and one of the oldest mosques in Marrakech. Its architceture was the model for all other mosques in Marrakech and the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque is the landmark of the city of Marrakech and the entire country.

Nice garden with the famous blue house of the Yves Saint Laurent-Museum. If you like crowded places and want to get part of the instagram hype take a look :) Apart from children trying to get the best picture (especially of themselves) you will find a berber museum that shows some historical artifacts of this long culuture. In the garden itself you can find plants of all five continents and a memorial to Yves, who finally had his ashes scattered in this area.

The 360 Bar in the heart of Budapest is a a rooftop terrace, boasting a 360° panorama over the city. It is found atop the highest building on august Andrássy Avenue, thus it provides a perfect view to the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Citadel, the Parliament.