Top Trips: United States

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    Cross Canada / north USA Trip

    33 Stop(s) in 51 Days


    This trip went over 2 Months, i drove 17.500 Kilometers, visited 5 Provinces (Canada), 16 States (USA), 26 Cities, a couple of Provincial-/National Parks and a lot of awesome people! It was overall an insane time i don't ever want to miss. If anyone ever had the thought if such a trip is worth it, yes it is! You get to know yourself better and you appreciate freedom a bit more.

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    LA Vegas Grand Canyon San Diego

    4 Stop(s) in 11 Days


    bachelors party in the US

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    West Canada/USA Trip

    9 Stop(s) in 14 Days


    Little road trip on the west side of Canada and the US. 8 Stops with beautiful landscapes. Especially the Rocky Mountains are stunning and worth spending as much time as you can offer there. I wouldn't recommend to drive the whole way up from Kelowna to Edmonton in once but I had an appointment so I had to be back. Plan enough time to cross the border from Canada to the US!

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    Westcoast USA Road Trip

    9 Stop(s) in 16 Days


    Road Trip von LA, über Las Vegas, zu ein paar Nationparks (Zion, Bryce Canyon, Slot Canyon, Horsehoe Canyon, Monument Valley), dann ab nach Lake Havasu. Der ursprüngliche Plan sah vor runter nach San Diego zu fahren, doch zwecks Wetter sind wir erneut nach Las Vegas und von dort zurück nach LA!

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    Mexico & USA

    4 Stop(s) in 14 Days


    Exploring Yucatan, DC and New York City

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    Rundreise Westküste USA

    9 Stop(s) in 18 Days


    Road Trip von San Francisco über Las Vegas und San Diego nach Los Angeles. (Zwischenstopps: Lake Tahoe - Yosemite Nationalpark - Zion Nationalpark - Grand Canyon - Santa Maria.)