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You‘re interested in lifting weights? then you should hit up gold‘s gym! the place where Arnold Schwarzenegger trained for years. you can even see some athletes from today there. 40$ for one day of training is a bit expensive tho!

Venice Beach in LA is a great place for thoughts. So be grateful for every second of your life, every awesome sunset, every opportunity you have to travel, to feel, to breathe and to live. To be here now. It's precious!

Where else to shop in LA but at the famous Rodeo Drive. September was the perfect time to go where trees are flowering with pink blooms and the perfect sweater weather at night. ?

The California State Route 1 - also known as the Pacific Coast Highway - is one of the most beautiful coastal highways in the world. With a gentle breeze in your hair you will find breathtaking views where the waves of the Pacific Ocean are crushing agains the bold coastline. You will drive through twisting serpentines as well as green forests and lush meadows. It is definitely a trip you will never forget!

Key West is the most southern point in the continental of US - just 90 miles to CUBA. There are a lot of places to discover on the way, if you drive yourself with the car. Last but not least: rent a catamaran and sail in the direction of the sunset - just one word: gorgeous!!!

We were on the road from Vancouver to Seattle when we drove through Mount Vernon and found this gem. It is a little burger place a little bit of the main road but totally worth a stop! They have awesome burgers and a lot of different types of milk shakes. Happy this was the result of our little d-tour!

Museum with one of the largest air an space collections in the US. There is an original Air Force one which has carried presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. You can go inside and see how it used to look like in an Air Force one. The museum itself is huge so you need a little bit of time to go through it.

It is actually weird that google has a location point for a gum wall but here it is. It is located right under Pike Place Market and both sides of the walls are fully covered with gums. It actually looks nice with the different colors of the gums but isn't it also kind of disgusting? However, if you are in Seattle, go there! After all it was one of the top 5 tourist attractions in 2009.