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65 610 km²
Sinhalese (si)
Tamil (ta)


The beach of Mirissa is very wide, consists of fine sand and offers big waves for surfing. Along the beach there are many restaurants offering freshly caught fish. The location of the beach allows you to enjoy beautiful sunsets while having good food and cool drinks.

The fort wall offers a great opportunity to enjoy the sunset. There are plenty of opportunities to sit on the wall and enjoy the surge and sunset from the historic stones.

Originally built by the Dutch, the fort in Galle offers an insight into a multicultural past. Museums and the historical center allow visitors to immerse themselves into the flair of ancient cononial times. The World Heritage-listed fort has many restaurants, handicraft shops and accommodation. Especially beautiful are all spots at the seaside of the fort like the lighthouse, which allow a great view of the sea and the fort.

The main mode of transportation in Sri Lanka is the bus. The connection network is well developed and you can reach your destination by bus from any large town. A bus ride is a real experience for foreigners. Long distances can be covered for a few cents, but the roads and the handle definitely need getting used to. But the bus ride offers the possibility to get in contact with locals and to learn a lot about their way of life and culture.

Tangalle offers relaxation on the beach, surfing and shopping. Many small retailers offer local fabrics, vegetables and spices. It's a good option to combine sports activity with exploring a bustling city.

By train through the highlands of Sri Lanka is the absolute highlight of every trip. The old trains run at a very comfortable speed, so you can relax and enjoy this unbelievable landscape with it hills and tea plantations. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or directly at the station.

Kandy is an integral part of every Sri Lanka trip. Its central location allows to reach all beauties of Sri Lanka from there. Besides the dancers of Kandy and the tooth temple, the lake of Kandy is particularly popular. A walk in the late afternoon or a boat tour is a nice possibility to get a picture of Kandy from a different perspective.

Constructed by the British in 18th century and among others used for the transport of Cinnamon, the canal offers a good start to explore the variety of nature in Sri Lanka. It’s easy to organize a boat trip, just ask one of the many guides in the area of the canal.

The Dutch canal in Negombo, also called the Cinnamon Canal, is surrounded by coconut trees and a lovely area. Besides the fun of a boat trip, a stop at a farmer on the canal is a great opportunity to taste a local speciality: fresh coconut liqueur. It is obtained in the treetop of the coconuts and can be tasted directly after the live harvest.

The whole area around this amazing point is definitely suitable for a hike. It is best to be there for sunrise and enjoy this view with a breakfast package and afterwards start the hike trip.

It‘s impressive to see such a big monolith in the middle of a flat environment. Prepare your trip by taking enough water and sun protection with you. You‘ll appreciate it!