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This is the beach near my home city of Norwich. The UK coast line is stunning and I’m so glad I live close by to marvel in it. I love the fact I can come to the beach, whilst the weather is cooler, it still offers some stunning views.

The Jurassic Coast in the UK truly is one of the most incredible places to visit. I hiked parts of it in April. Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove offer some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen in the UK. I was left in awe of the sea, cliffs and beach views. Sometimes visiting a new city, town, village in your home country can leave you feeling grateful.

I live in Norwich, a city on the east coast of England. What’s I like more than anything is going to the Norfolk Coast. Whilst the North Sea isn’t particularly warm, I love the beaches and the views. I took this photo at the weekend 13.1.2019. Moody skies. meets the fields and the impressive lighthouse.

Who does feel like going here despite a windy winter afternoon? This is one of our eye catching hidden treasure from Carey Park on an afternoon stroll! We reached before the birdies bid farewell and flew off for a new destination?

The perks of a good weather is that we love to explore via foot and thats how we found this royal plaque. We almost stepped in but noticed some one dropped their Captain America shield on ground ? Well! It wasnt any captain shield but a beautiful plaque in the Kensington Garden. Do you know if you follow these plaque, you’re gonna complete a 7 mile Princess Diana Memorial walk through a number of Royal parks?! ?

what amazed us through the evening stroll of Glasgow is this long stretched street art in every corner. They looked real, had humanity and a hidden story of the charming city! What absolutely we believed for this city is “People Make Glasgow”

We waited till the sun sink, but weren’t lucky enough to get a train passing over the glenfinnan viaduct. Nevertheless we are thankful of the view, the weather and the beauty! Oh btw if you dont know, this is also known as "The Harry Potter Bridge" and it appeared in four of the Harry Potter movies.

While most places are already covered in snow, there are still places having hard time saying good bye yet to fall. This picture here was taken this week from Newtonmore, Scotland which looks stunning to us. Would you love to enjoy this weather? If so head towards Scotland late fall and have some amazing views from nature!

From our Christmas market stroll, there were so many amazing things that caught our eyes and again, these tiny houses had the charm that hook my eyes! Our another favourite of the season is building Christmas village at home. Hope everyone has something fun to do this Christmas ??

since christmas is around the corner, we decided that we go to the local christmas market and we found this stall that sell these beautifully done candle holders! They were so amazing that we couldn’t resist, so we took a photo to show you all!

The Wembley Stadium is an amazing building with a capacity of 90000 people. We've been there for the game Los Angeles Chargers vs Tennessee Titans and it was a good game with a thrilling end

The Tower Bridge of London is a place that you should see if you're visiting London This pic was taken from the London Bridge, which is a perfect spot, if you want to get a shot with the bridge and the HMS Belfast. The ship was built for the royal navy, but is now permanently moored as a museum ship between the two bridges.

One of many attractions in London. Located right across of Big Ben. You get a lovely view when you reach the highest point! If you have the time and some money left, go for it

Former horse barn transformed to a nice market with food, drinks and unique shops! go there, enjoy the vibes and grab some good food