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When we used to be kids and watching this in TV, all we know that we wanted to go under this tower one day to understand what is it to make it so special, Many years later, standing under this magnificent tower today makes us realise it was a goal in life that we accomplished and that dreams are the one that we see with open eyes!

The small stairs who take you up to the top of the castle let you imagine how little space they must have had when they build it. Especially when you think of the effort to get goods up to the top or all the people who had to pass these stairs. Impressive architecture and a great view when you reach the top.

Car rides can be pretty boring if there is nothing to see or the surrounding is ugly. However, i really enjoyed driving through this forest. The whole area is actually the north end of the Vosges mountains national park. Take your time, stop for a bit in the cute little towns you will find on your way and enjoy some regional dishes. They also have a lot of hiking trails there if you want to pack your boots and do some outdoor activities.

Actually this isn‘t the top. there used to be houses were this picture was taken. so imagine me being even higher when the castle was in his original shape. Stunning!

You can see how small the castle was. Because of the limited space they built it extremely high. which is impressive if you think of the time the castle excisted..

Camping L'Ecrin Nature is a nice and lovely camping place in a beautiful, untouched environment. There are several pitches with an amazing view on the lake. If you want to make a rest without the hustle of a city, stop by and enjoy this place.

This is why beaches in France are so unique in comparison to Spain. A beautiful, wide and sandy beach without hotels or touristic stuff. Awesome. ✌️

City of love and lights - always worth a visit, especially during summer when all the Parisians are on vacation.