Top Trips: Germany

  • 1

    Camping Road Trip to Greece

    13 Stop(s) in 19 Days


    Road trip from Germany to Greece with a campervan. Exploring the beauty and diversity of Europe.

  • 2

    New years eve in Kassel

    2 Stop(s) in 2 Days


    Celebrating New Years Eve in Kassel. Quick stop in Frankfurt to get some Five Guys Buger

  • 3

    Europe trip!

    5 Stop(s) in 4 Days


    Started in London, made my way to France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, and Switzerland and made it back to France :)

  • 4

    Asia trip

    8 Stop(s) in 11 Days


    Asia trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia (At some places in Cambodia i recommend a local guide, because a lot of people don't understand englisch or just a little bit of it. So it's very laborious to communicate with them)

  • 5


    1 Stop(s) in 1 Days


    Little trip to Hamburg

  • 6

    Europäischer Fernwanderweg 5

    7 Stop(s) in 5 Days


    Diese abwechslungsreiche Wanderroute führt von Deutschland (Oberstdorf) über Österreich nach Italien (Vernagt). Sie bietet eine vielfältige Landschaft, die Ruhe der Natur, sowie die Faszination der Berge mit ihren Gletschern. Voraussetzungen für diese Tour sind körperliche Fitness, Trittsicherheit und Ausdauer für längere Tagesetappen.

  • 7

    Short trip to Fehmarn

    1 Stop(s) in 3 Days


    Grabbing a tent and off to Fehmarn. The Island in the Baltic Sea is easy to reach and a nice place to stay for a spontaneous weekend / short trip.

  • 8


    2 Stop(s) in 1 Days


    Short trip to Berlin and Potsdam