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Exploring the great Black Forest in Germany ?? Glottertal is a small village next to Freiburg. You can enjoy an amazing view on almost every mountain ?

Located in the Teuteburger Forest, the Hermann Monument is an absolute highlight in the district of Lippe. The monument is dedicated to Arminuis, the Cherusci war chief, and his victory over the Rome empire.

I guess magnificent is the right word to describe Tübingen. The old town with its old buildings and narrow alleys is just gorgeous! There a plenty of cute little restaurants and shops. Definitely worth spending one or two days there if you‘re in Germany. And it‘s a university town so lots of young students there which is a good sign for a good nightlife!

One of the few outlets you‘ll find in the south of Germany. Common stores like Abercrombie, Calvin Klein, Fossil, Armani and so on, selling their last season inventory.

The most stunning building you can find in this beauty of a city. There‘s a museum inside and you can also access the watch tower! Make sure you‘ll take a walk through the park behind the palace or take a break in the beautiful surrounding in front of it. Lots of events taking place here during summer time. Don‘t miss out on them.

Nice little park with the Colombi palace in the heart of Freiburg. A perfect spot to relax surround by grapevines and chest nut trees. Bring a few beers and enjoy summer here!

The Bastei with its bridge is a stunning rock formation in the Saxon Switzerland on the right bank of the Elbe and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Saxon Switzerland. From the bastion, the narrow rocky ridge drops steeply over 194 m to the Elbe. It offers a wide view of the Elbe Valley and the Elbsandsteingebirge.

The New Palace (German: Neues Palais) is a palace situated on the western side of the Sanssouci park in Potsdam, Germany. The building was built under King Friedrich II ) and was completed in 1769. While you explore the whole Park Sanssouci you can find a lot of hidden spots and enjoy the nature