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Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park

Created: April 08, 2018

Literally paradise on earth, the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life! It is exactly as colourful and beautiful as you see on the photos! Most people get in by taking a 10h bus from Chengdu. Tickets are 200 Yuan and include the bus inside the national park that brings you to the main points of attractions but you can also explore the valley by foot. There are also a couple of Tibetan villages in the valley.

Also called the "Avatar mountains" because they look like they are just floating in the air. Student tickets are 160 Yuan (2016) and give you entry for 4 days, because the area is gigantic and you can't possibly explore it in only one day. Cable car up the mountains are an additional 60 Yuan but you can also walk up (exhausting but rewarding). There is of course a McDonalds right on top of the mountain. Beware of the monkeys, they are very cheeky.

Yuanyang rice terraces

Created: April 07, 2018


The world-famous Yuanyang rice terraces are located deep in the mountains of Yunnan. To get in, take the bus from Kunming to Yuanyang and then take a mini bus or cab even higher up the mountains to one of the small villages in the area (I stayed at Timeless Youth Hostel in Pugao Laozhai which was great). You can explore the rice terraces by hiking, bus or cab. For the best views get up at sunrise. The villagers all wear their traditional dress as part of their day-to-day life.


Created: April 07, 2018

One of the most famous and most beautiful mountains in China. But for the love of god, take the cable car up! I only went down the mountain by foot and that already almost killed me. Weather can be pretty inconsistent and it's usually foggy and rainy. If you catch a sunny day, be prepared for some spectacular views straight out of a calligraphy painting. If you booked accommodation on the mountain itself, be sure to get there before 4pm otherwise you won't get in.

Wuyuan Scenic Area

Created: April 07, 2018


Wuyuan Scenic Area consists of about 50 ancient villages from the Tang dynasty, built in the typical Anhui-Style with white walls and lots of intricate wood carvings that are surrounded by rape fields. The villages are connected by bus. Look for accommodation in Wuyuan itself, because most bus lines start there. Buses run until about 16:30, so if you stay late in a village you'll have to get a cab back. You'll need tickets to enter the villages which run at 210 Yuan for the whole scenic area.