Top Trips: Canada

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    Cross Canada / north USA Trip

    33 Stop(s) in 51 Days


    This trip went over 2 Months, i drove 17.500 Kilometers, visited 5 Provinces (Canada), 16 States (USA), 26 Cities, a couple of Provincial-/National Parks and a lot of awesome people! It was overall an insane time i don't ever want to miss. If anyone ever had the thought if such a trip is worth it, yes it is! You get to know yourself better and you appreciate freedom a bit more.

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    West Canada/USA Trip

    9 Stop(s) in 14 Days


    Little road trip on the west side of Canada and the US. 8 Stops with beautiful landscapes. Especially the Rocky Mountains are stunning and worth spending as much time as you can offer there. I wouldn't recommend to drive the whole way up from Kelowna to Edmonton in once but I had an appointment so I had to be back. Plan enough time to cross the border from Canada to the US!