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Johnston Canyon is an easy drive about 15/20 mins from Banff! The trial has a few small inclines but overall it's an easy hike for anyway! The river is beautiful and the water falls are magnificent, it's well worth a visit! Tip, go in the evening when the majority of the crowds have left!!

Moraine Lake is one of the most stunning places in the canadian Rocky Mountains. The water id crystal clear and the Mountains around it make it an unforgetable scenery. Don‘t miss it if you get the chance to visit it.

Knox Mountain is right beside the city. It is a nice little hike, not to exhausting, with an amazing view over the whole valley and the city of Kelowna. You can also see if you can rent a mountain bike as there are some pretty sick trails for a little bit action. Definitely worth the effort though to go up there. Kelowna has also a lot of wineries, so check out the wine tours they are offering!

The Ferry ride takes approximately 1:30h. There is a restaurant included if you get hungry during the ride (also wifi which had a bad connection). The ferry ride itself is pretty neat. You get some lovely views on the surrounding islands and if you are lucky you can see whales! So stay on deck and keep your eyes open.

Right across Fisherman's Wharf Park. Honestly one of the most do's when you are in Victoria. You can purchase fish to feed seals. They come right to the pier and wait for you to feed them. Awesome time as you get a really close look on these beautiful animals! There are always some people feeding them so you probably don't even have to buy the food on your own.

The stadium is the home of the BC Lions, a Canadian Football League team and the Vancouver Whitecaps (soccer). There is also the BC Sports Hall of Fame included. If you are interested in sports, this is the place to be. Right next to it is Rogers Arena, the home to the Vancouver Canucks (ice hockey)

Nice walking area right at the end of Stanley park. You get an awesome view on downtown Vancouver and its harbor. Also good for a bike ride in the summertime as there are some attractions in the near surroundings.

Awesome place on the north side of Vancouver. You will be confused how big this park is. It is actually more like a little forest. If you are lucky you will see some animals like these little raccoons! Takes a while till you will have explored everything but for a nature lover a nice variety to the city life.

A monument right at the coast of Vancouver. "Inukshuks are used to mark a place for navigation or as an important location such as a burial ground or important location. The arms and feet, when pointed in a certain direction indicated the way to go for navigation." Honestly didn't know that before I got there but check it out when you are in Vancouver. You will most likely walk by there when you explore the city!

You can drive up Mount Revelstoke by car. 26 km uphill to 1835 meters above sea level. The drive is very curvy so plan a little bite more time to get up there. Check out the opening hours before because you need to take a shuttle up to the end of a mountain or hike it. You get an awesome view over the valley so it is worth it if you have enough time on your trip!

Little bit off the main road through the Rocky Mountains why it takes some time to get there. Beautiful area though and worth it in my opinion. You can hike up really close to the actual falls and enjoy a nice view over the valley.

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains. Not only the lake by itself also all of the surrounding landscape. Hike the trail to the tea house to spend a nice time up there. Or go even further and hike the six glacier trail to an awesome look out. It gets kinda chilly up there so be prepared and pack a jacket! Make sure you wear good shoes!

Birthplace of Canada's first national park! Learn more about how railway workers found this cave and how it helped create the first national park. The cave has a severe smell, I think it was because of the Sulfur there. Totally worth a visit when you are interested in some history!

You can still see some of the infrastructure what was used for the Olympic Games back in the days. Nowadays there are different activities you can do during summer or winter time. Check it out if you are in the mood to go mountain biking or skiing in the winter. It also includes Canada's Sports Hall of Fame with the original Jamaican Bob from the games in 1988!