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Story Marker Stories

You are travelling through the world and we want you to write about it! Stories is your personal travel journal. Use it to reminisce past travels or to keep friends and family up to date about your experiences. Because we all know especially family is always concerned and curious at the same time when someone is travelling.

Choose a story title, the category your story is about and a location. Summarize what you want to tell in a few words and then go for it. Write your own travel journal! You will be happy in a few years you did so.

You can additionally add pictures or videos and link the story to any created trip of yours. This allows you to get an amazing memory of your travel.

You don't created a trip yet? Check out the Trip section for more information.

Glotting Story Feature

Glott Marker Glotts

A Glott is your personal footprint on our and your personal world map. There is no general definition on what a Glott should be. It is your way to show other travelers something you think is worth visiting or worth trying out. Sometimes you are on a road trip experiencing something totally unexpected. Maybe an attraction you found, maybe a delicious dish in a fantastic restaurant. Maybe a fair which is going on in a neat little town, it is up to you.

Simply take a picture while traveling of your hot spot or hidden gem. Add the location, a meaningful titel and a brief description on what people can expect checking out your Glott.

And that is it. Your first footprint and recommandation is ready to go! Others can now rate, comment or share it.

If you have more Glotts from one of your travel, you might want to create a trip out of it and add all created Glotts to it. How this works you can check out in the trip section.

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Trip Marker Trips

Some like to plan trips, some like to reminisce them. Our "Trip" feature is the best for both. Either you want to plan a trip and let your beloved ones follow your journey while on the road. Or to have an unique memory at the end for years after.

The "Trip" feature is not just to simply plan trips. It is also your way to find other travelers, if you don't want to travel on your own.

Creating a trip allows you to choose if you want to share it with the Glotting community. Other Glotters can then request to join and after your permission plan a trip with you together. Sounds interesting? Try it out!

Choose a title and describe briefly what you expect for your trip. Pick how you want to get around, by car, bus, train. The budget you are planning to spend and if you want to share the trip with the community.

To get started you need to add stops to your roadmap. Each stop stands for a place you want to travel to. For example. A stop could be New York City. You need to set from when to when you want to stay there. The category your stop is about such as sightseeing, partying etc. An accommodation type you are planning on using to spend the night. And a brief description on what you are planning to do there during your stay.

If you are creating an upcoming trip you won't have any Glotts to add so far - you can easily add Glotts to the trip by creating the glotts during your travel. If it is a past trip and you already created Glotts, for our example about hot spots in New York City, then you can add them to your trip stop. This will make a unique memory at the end of your travel!

You don't know how to create a Glott? Check out the Glott section for more information.

When you use our Story Feature to blog about your travels, you can easily attach them as well to the trip. This way your followers can not just see what you have explored, they can also read about your day to day story you have experienced.

You don't know how to create a Story? Check out the Story section for more information.

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Local Activity Marker Local Activities

Travelling on your own can be fun but sometimes you feel lonely and you would like to connect with others. That is natural. Everyone needs some good company every once in a while.

Though it isn't always easy to find other travelers. Especially when you are travelling and you are in an unknown new city. But don't worry, there are plenty others which have the same problem.

This is why we invented "Local Activities". Simply create an activity you feel like doing for example going to the movies, grab some drinks etc. Name it, describe it and set start and end time.

By choosing the number of slots you set how many people could possibly join your activity. Setting a category makes it easier for others which are searching for the same.

Everyone who wants to join your activity needs to be accepted by you. Someone who joined can then immediatley chat with you within the local activity to discuss further details.

Local Activity Search